hello all
I was a commercial diver back in the late 90s. I came across on old aquadyne dm4, but was confused by some photos of it on the www. Most photos showed it without an oronasal, but one or two images had it as if it came with one. I finally found an old tank and tried it out. Works great so free flow or on demand. Have not tried it out yet, but they look to be in great condition. The hat seals are like new. I may sell it but was wondering if anyone in this group could point me as to its value. I have had no luck finding out any info on line and the two numbers to call in the states that say they work on aquadyne hats do not return calls. Any help would be of huge help. A few pics to let you see below. Came with all other gear shown, including the origInal lead weight belt. Also feel free to call if you like 970 4813163

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