I'm looking for an old Aquadyne AH-2 or Dive Dynamics AH-3 helmet or something fairly similar, it needs to be reasonably cheap and preferably with the relevant neoprene neck dam, or the neck damn cut from a drysuit. It's only going to be used in the local pool as a bit of a laugh over the summer (did think about a Kirby Morgan but for a summer 'toy' they're a bit OTT price wise even though we could probably recoup the cost selling it on). 






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AH-2 or 3 are still working hats and price is still 2K +.

If you want something for pool play build a hat out of a 5 gal. plastic water bottle, its a easy do and fun for kids , big or small.

needs air inlet valve with hose fitting, jock harness to keep it from floating off head, neck dam with sign post type band strap. flapper exhaust mtd. low on hat side.

oil-less compressor and your in business.

Howzit Nick,


I am afraid you won't get a cheap AH2 or 3, they are still used allot for "Dirty Harry" and Nuclear diving. I just bought an AH5 out the UK Price @ about 5000 U.S. Dollars. AH2 are also very popular amongst Hat collectors, so I am afraid you're in for the high jump price wise. I agree with Fred, why not build a hat, you can also use a metal Paraffin tin, cut square h***s front and sides and install perspex ports, 4 stainless bolts and nuts on each visor, sealed with general purpose silicon sealer. Jock srap, duckbill exhaust, small compressor and youre diving. You can even fit comms, just dont pitch up at your next job with this model, somehow I dont think your diving supervisor will let you dive it!!!!

Build a fold and go hat.

You will need to fabricate a neck ring with air inlet valve attached and exhaust valve.

neoprene neck dam or flat rubber neck dam from truck tube with h*** for neck cut two size's smaller then our bull neck.

then take a heavy duty clear plastic bag and hose band it to the neck dam.

Did this one time for an emergency helmet to clear a fouled fishing vessel prop.

Im sure once Bev Morgan see's this he will put a copy right on it.

Or modify a motorcycle helmet. Invent man invent.

Was going to ask then about Swindells, Morse Mk.12s and Rat Hats, presume they're mostly finding their way into private collections too and fetching mega bucks ?

The hats are going in collector market for $5k price range.

Also you must remember inland divers and Europeans still use free flow hats.

Air diving range, free flow is the best to work in.

Rat Hats are a premium since they were limited for Oceaneering and Can Dive use only and not sold to divers.

MK-12 Navy hats were surplused out with the helmet ring dinged out of shape with a press.

Morse sells them at over $5K. You can buy new Swindell (Advanced) from Advanced diving.

also $5K range. 



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