Want to know about the cavitation units used for cleaning marine fouling.

Do they remove oysters from surfaces?

Are they efficient or are they time consuming?

Anyone that has experience with portable units used in cleaning hulls- please reply.


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We've got experience with cavitation units and can offer a lot of info. They're very efficient and are becoming very popular. They're also very safe. If you'll send me an email I'll send you a video of one being used so you can see one in action.

You can write to me at: info@divecommercial.com

Put Attention Steve in the subject line and I'll get back to you after this holiday weekend.

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Thanks Steve


Your email was misplaced. Would you please write me again.

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Steve K.

yes here it is seanblesi@live.com

I will email you again

Here's some info on the "Cavidyne" system.

 The system is based on the principles of cavitation, when collapsing bubbles generated by a proprietary system create a vacuum that quickly and safely r...emoves fouling materials.

The advantages of this system over conventional high pressure blasting, grit blasters, barnacle blasters or brush cleaning are many:

The systems are safe to use. The water stream will not inflict damage to a diver who may come in contact accidentally.

The lance grip nozzle system is compact, enabling cleaning of geometrically complex surfaces.

All types of marine growth, from seaweed to hard well-attached barnacles, are easily removed, with only one pass, saving operators time and money.

Surfaces with paint, varnish or anti-fouling coatings are not disturbed when cleaned, and heavy metals or other contaminants are not released into the water.

The systems use either fresh water or seawater.

The cavitation system leaves a smooth surface that retards biological growth and decreases cleaning frequency.

The systems range from small, compact and lightweight, to larger units that fit comfortable in the bed of a pickup truck or workboat.

Materials: Painted metal, Unpainted metal, Concrete, Plastic, Wood, Rubber, Glass, Fiber, Fiberglass

Structures: Boat hulls, Offshore platforms, Pilings and Piers, Pipelines, Intake grates, Ship propellers, Tanks, Fishing nets, Buoys

Check out the video in this link:


 For more information, write to us at: info@divecommercial.com or call us at: 206-784-5050


Dive Commercial International is an authorized dealer for Cavidyne products.

Thank you for the info.



Let me know if you have any questions or would like pricing on any of the models.

Kind regards,

Steve Kushner

Operations Manager


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