let me know whats out there i was told to go with oceaneering or global

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If you are a certified welder contact Neptune Marine Services.
I'm going to school soon but I am a cert welder topside and have been for ten years will that help me find a job as a wet welder later
Tiburon Divers Inc can be added to your list, they've been known to fall into the occassional welding gig. Do you have a AWS 3.4?
not yet
Sorry I gave you a bum steer, the AWS cert req'd is AWS D3.6-93 see www.hydroweld.com, good luck b
nobody welds anymore WTF! I was really wanting to get into underwater welding/construction build bridges, piers, repair ships, etc. etc.
If you are a certified topside welder and certify underwater talent will get you a job.
There is a shortage of welders now and in the future.
The average age of welders today is 55 so where are the new one's going to come from??


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