I graduate dive school in two weeks with an ANSI card, am I going to be able to find work with that or do I need to get an ADC? Any advise would be much appreciated

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ANSI is a minimum standard for commercial diver training. No such thing as an ANSI card to my knowledge.
Standard states you must have one of the following.Could be something the school made up.
A certificate of training issued by an Association of Commercial Diving Educators accedited school;or
Commercial diving experience or a combination of both commercial experience and training;or
The equivalent of teh training requirements as outllined in the ANSI standard. 625 hours of formal training.
Who is the dive school??
We get ACDE certified as well, I neglected to mention, I go to divers academy into. In jersey
Where do I get an ADC card? I hear that's what all the big offshore co. Require. Thanks for the input Fred
The ACDE card is all you need for proof of training.
Divers Academy is a member of ADCI and should provide you with ADCI cards also,with out a fee.
ACDE schools are not charged for ADCI Entry Level Tender / Diver cards.
Just wondering if that would have anything to do with why Mr. Jim Joiner who owns the ACDE and also just happen to do alot of paper work for the ADCI there by being voted into the ADCI's Divers Hall of Fame for all of his paperwork. ? Just wondering.
Had some of us known years ago that it might be possiable to be in the ADCI Divers Hall of Fame we could have skipped getting wet and all of that. Boy we sure missed that one. "Damn it Jim you taught us to be divers not paper pushers". Jim its not too late we still have wage issues here your not thru yet and since you and the ADCI are so close it should be a piece of cake. Your chance to be truely imortalized in the Commercial Divers World. Help us out pal..
Dream on my boy your old enough to know better.


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