Hey guys, firstly I want to send my thoughts out to the guys in the Koosha 1 that sank off Iran. This is a sad and tragic moment for the dive community. All our thoughts go out to them for their survival.


Guys, I am another wannabe commi diver, this accident sad, yet it still does not put me off wanting this. I am in the throughs of a training routine over the coming months to ensure I am fit physically and mentally to pass my HSE 50 metre dive course in South Africa in April 2012. Looks kinda tough swimming 300 metres, I can barely swim 100 metres at the moment, but I will get there.


Anyway my questions are if you guy can help me out.

When I am qualified and start oing my "bitc* work" before I can get offshore, are the inshore jobs like yearly contracts or just 2 or 4 weeks here and there. Would I like have to continue looking for new companies for inshore work etc?

Once I have done my "bitc* work" after lets say 12 - 24 months and I start moving offshore, will I get with a company on a regular job such as like 2 months on 1 month off rota or will it just be like month to month work and after each job I got to look for another job?

Also what is the job market like for newbies around South Africa as ideally I want to be based round there or alternatively Asia and Middle East?

Hope you guys can help me out here. I totally understand that it can be a difficult field to tap in to but I am prepared for this.




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Where are you located?

Are you going to PDC in South Africa

The 300m swim you have to do it in under 12mins.. even the big Egyptian guys passed it. Hell some failed parts of the swim test and they graduated.

Thanks for the reply Jmayo, currently in Thailand but going to relocate to Cape Town. I am not 100% sure which company I will do it with yet, I have 3 in mind, either Seadogs, Jack's Dive Chest or PDC.

I am now able to pass most the swimming tests that they have, only I am still trying to get to the 300 metre, now I am up to a comfortable 150 metres so not to far to go.

What are the possibilities of getting inshore work straight after completing the course and any idea on initial starting salaries?

Just look into PDC there a good school and good price.

I don't know about S.A work but most of the guys from S.A in my class couldn't find work so they quit. I think either SMIT or some company by the harbor is the only places.. Heard they pay s*** though.. like 130/day ha.

Yes been looking at them, the guy Grant has been very helpful. When did the guys quit, was it during the course or what? Where did you find work? 130 is that USD? When did you do the course and are you still in work?
Course was April of 09. I'm from U.S. I work here.
bro you might just be in for a bit of grief PDC is the ONLY place you should consider if you are going to do class II looking for civils work in SA is tough theres 3 schools sending out new divers every month a few guys have headed out to the middle east recently on rotation but the rates are s*** and you will be at the back of a long list

But is there civils work about in SA, what type of work is there and what kind of pay could be expected for SA civils work?

Also you say a few guys headed outto middle east, is that pretty much fresh divers out school? What kind or rates are likely for that?


the guys getting regular civils work in sa are getting about 20 - 30 k per month the work obviously varies alot the guys in the ME are on about the same good luck and good hunting you gonna need it
And how easy is it to get civils jobs in SA straight from the course with no other experience?

If you have no working experiance at all then you are pretty much screwed why would anyone hire you what do you bring into the company there are plenty of people out there with a few years experiance begging for the same job


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