I put a new hood/face seal on my KMB 10 last July. The foam is already shredding into small pieces. I actually got a piece in both of my eyes at the same time from taking a vent. Is there something I can spray on the foam to prevent it from shredding into little pieces and floating around my hat?

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What you need to do is pull the hood off after your dive, clean it with fresh water and let it dry.  It doesn't take long, maybe 10 minutes.  This will help your speakers last longer too.   

The deterioration is caused by bacteria, a little lysol will keep the foam from breaking down.  

Another problem is UV.  Dry all your rubber in the shade, not the sun, not the clothes dryer.  

Clean and dry is the right way to go.

You can obtain Flex Seal liquied rubber and spray coat the open cell neoprene and that will seal it . you can look up info on Flex Seal the web.

works better then Tool Dip.

I have used it and it works ok for this application.

Killer is do not let rubber products dry in the sun. And always kill off bacteria that creates mold.

Thanks again Fred. That's what I was lookin for. I ordered one can and got another free. Weird.. that's why I swapped the hood out... the foam was tearing apart and all over the inside of the hat. Anyways, thanks fellas. This should be an easy fix for an expensive problem.....


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