Guys.  I've been touting this to my divers and tenders for years.  Log your dives!


Now I need you to get your logs "stamped"!  These IMCA fellows want a stamp on your log book pages.  If you work for a company, and the supervisor or even the company dose not have a stamp...then go down to office depot and get one made!  Then stamp over, or next to the sups. signiture.  


It's simple.  Company Name, address, ph. #.  It wouldn't hurt to put the Operations Manager's name on it either.


I Know!  It's a bunch of BS!  But do it!  You'll thank me later on.





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Oh IMCA my sminka-what next wheres my pay raise JEEEEEZ!
It wouldn't also hurt to be paid a $50. fee for providing this to you either. I swear! you guys keep dreaming up all of these paper requirements we need to charge you for it "a divers fee for providing certification paperwork" #50.00 plus for paperwork certifications. How many would you like?
well here in the us the company has a dive sheet every time you dive and if something happens the Coast Guard will get those dive sheets, as fare as a stamp go's that is some gay s*** if you have your log book sign by the supervisor of the company that is good to go if you are go for a job and they tell you that oh it's not stamped tell them I could stamp it on your forehead if you like, A little stamp is not going to make you a better diver. Keeping your log book up to date now that is smart and you should have learn how to do that in school
but it does provide some small measure of security against dodgy f***s logging dives they never did and getting their mate to sign it

Any dive supervisor can sign your log book and stamp it with a company stamp.

There are a lot of companies who are not members of ADCI.

Any commercial dive you make must be logged if you want credit for it.

Also OSHA requires the company to log all working dives.

Yep. I quit logging dives a few years out of school, started again in 08. Bloody good job I did also, because you need to prove them to get your DCBC certs.


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