looking for a school and cant make up my mind any help? and what makes one school better than another school?

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One of the most respected schools is Santa Barbara City College Marine Technology.

Total course cost is less then 6 grand. Plus you can take other college courses.

Look at the big picture, you are young and the more education and training you have the farther you will go in this industry. Learn to weld and obtain AWS certification that is a key to full time work.

Take my advice kid you can't go wrong.

thanks for the great advice man . ill check out the school and call them up and see what they have to offer , thanks again:)

depends if you want to go offshore or inland


SBCC is your best bet for both inland and offshore training.

thanks ill check them out online :) ... and yes i put smiley faces im 16 :)

I wouldn't say that SBCC is the BEST, that's the farthest from the truth. Also if you want to spend a year and a half.. minimum training.. then go there. You can get your AWS cert from any other school, I got mine as well as topside and subsurface certs in school.. with DMT it was only 6 months. Do your research, go on school visits, and pick what you like. Check out DIT in Washington, and CDA in Florida. They're practically the same.. CDA just has no training deaths. 


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