I say to Jerry Babin ; very well said , just wondering , do you carry a card in addition to your commercial school credentials?   Lance

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You will get no where being angry, open for dialog like many others in the industry ,i have done a little of everything and a lot of many things in this biz. Have never hurt anyone on a job, worked for various companies over 20 yrs. Yes, a few blown dives, although never been fired to the point of 'Get the hell out of here', had a few things not work out but have learned much, oh, by the way could you catch up with the times , i was a tender 20 yrs ago. Think i have heard of you , have personally done offshore, nuke, salvage, ship husbandry,6000 hrs. of diving plus u/w hulls. What is your story? People should be active just like the ADC are! Iagree w/ the ADC on some things; as i am a contractor & diver as well. Lance
Yes Lance, as much as I disagree with the politics, after 25 years I took a little vacation and went to a "Diving School" and got a card just to see what it was all about. Though I thouroughly enjoyed it and found it interesting, it like every other school on the planet teaches the BASICS. However, though many MOM & PoP operations are putting students right in the water. (Extermely dangerous in my opinion) Student Graduates are for the most part (there are quite a few exceptions) not even qualified tenders. The card actually means that the graduate is qualified to become a tender (provided the diveteam excepts him/her). I have been diving since 1983 and oficially began a tender apprentiship in 1989 (I went in the Marine Corps in 1984). Ive earened my bones many times over in the years prior to aquiring "The Card".
Your skills as a diver and your ability to adapt will earn your rep, not cards and paper. But some companies believe that the ADC is some type of Federal Governing Body (its not).
Thanks for the comment and fair winds brother.
Sounds rational, thanx for opening for dialog!


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