When is a company mans word not worth the breath that was used to speak the words, you have the job.


As most of you will note I have had a number of posts up looking for techniques for levelling seabed etc and the erection of  a wall some 400+ 23ton blocks

To which I am grateful for all who replied.


Over year ago I was given this job verbally, three weeks ago it was verbally reiterated to me in front of four members of their own staff.

In the mean time I have sourced the divers required with civil works background,  15000000$ insurance, equipment hats wages hotels breakfasts etc all agreed as you do on a job like this.


Help put together the risk a****sments together as required.


With less than two weeks to go they have changed their minds, they are now bringing in 5 divers from the Dubai area who are going to do the job for less.

To add to that they are going to do all this work on scuba.


Ok a 23ton block on a hat, we all know its over before the shouting as it will afford little protection against some thing like this, but to do this work in scuba with all this over head crane movement well!!???.


Comments anyone

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Well the on going saga.

I AGREED to deliver 10cylinders as they are doing it in scuba for a sum £$.

Today we/they want 20cylindes a day for 3 divers these cyls are 100cft each.

4 phone calls later eerrrrr do you have O2 mmm!!! Well yes can we have this.
Can we have it ?? err what else do we need.?????

Is this just a bad dream NO its not.

I have a multiple of choices here as I see it go with the flow, and you all know you are not going to allow anything to happen.
So do you semi run the job.


Do you say **** OFF you are on your own.

This is taking into consideration that they owe you £6000. for outstanding works.
With the utmost respect thanks for that I can see why.

I think maybe one of my earlier posts was correct I should just give up diving as your word is totally and utterly worthless.
While I am not in my 60’s I am starting to feel I was born to late or was it to early.
Ref permits I don’t think they would be that stupid not to have.

Yet more changes!!!

The final part to this is the job has now been split into 2 parts seabed and block work.

I am told today the divers doing part 1 are dutch now (I don’t believe they are happy to do this job on scuba I really don’t.)
Also there is only three of them total.

So the plan is 1 diver in for an hour 1 diver in for 30mins 3rd diver in for 1 hour and so on .
As it was explained to me.
Well they start on Tuesday, but I am not going to hold my breath on this one.

OH mike you prompted me to make a new post?
Well the divers arrived and started on Tuesday morning.
The levelling beam went in and to me it was obvious from the on set that it was not going to sink correctly due to the h*** placements in the hollow steel section beam being in the wrong places not allowing all the air to escape so it was retaining a good third of its buoyancy.
The next thing was the crane, when trying to recover the beam full of water, lifted a leg that made everyone jump for a moment me included. This was the first 5mins.

Anyway the divers as normal are good guys and now know the facts ref me.
Their comments are much the same as yours have been on here.
They arrived to find the direct feeds to their suits did not fit so I sorted that for them.
Their OTS comms did not work properly for the first 2hrs of inwater time but now are sorted.
They are working dam hard as you would expect 10hrs a day and they are doing 3hrs each, but they are finding that the works manager is an unrelenting pain, no pats on the back for them only complaints of insufficient works being done on the day.
My comment, they can only do what can be done. I was told mind my own business and they will have to work 12hr day.

Someone on this site does not understand that that you can only get 5gallons out of a 5 gallon cow.
If you have witnesses, a verbal contract is a contract in most courts. Send them a bill for 100 % of your services, and another bill for contract violation. If the Job is in the US, the Dubi Divers (Brothers though they are), must meet skill requirements. THe contract was breeched, ao the gloves are now legally considered off. Get a Lawyer involved Immediately....
Trust what Im telling you. Your effort in building this contract, is doc**ented. Dont let this go unpunished.
The legal issues here are to big for you to deal with alone....Get Legal Help Now....
thanks for this but gib is to small for this, i would never get any work ever again.

but here is an update.

the cloggies have been sacked after 7 days and now they have got spanish divers in, with all brand new kit.
at least they are equipped correctly.
ref the kit i am just Jealous of all their nice new gear.

oh and the shimming is to be with in 3mm of tolerance.
sounds like you would have needed a escrow account anyway . they would have left you holding the bag ..probably best


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