When is a company mans word not worth the breath that was used to speak the words, you have the job.


As most of you will note I have had a number of posts up looking for techniques for levelling seabed etc and the erection of  a wall some 400+ 23ton blocks

To which I am grateful for all who replied.


Over year ago I was given this job verbally, three weeks ago it was verbally reiterated to me in front of four members of their own staff.

In the mean time I have sourced the divers required with civil works background,  15000000$ insurance, equipment hats wages hotels breakfasts etc all agreed as you do on a job like this.


Help put together the risk a****sments together as required.


With less than two weeks to go they have changed their minds, they are now bringing in 5 divers from the Dubai area who are going to do the job for less.

To add to that they are going to do all this work on scuba.


Ok a 23ton block on a hat, we all know its over before the shouting as it will afford little protection against some thing like this, but to do this work in scuba with all this over head crane movement well!!???.


Comments anyone

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Most likely they'll fail. Then you charge more $ for fixing their mistakes. I would tell your client that you charge triple for body recoveries.
Some things to consider-Is the "company" affiliated with any consortium or agency -public or trade association? Do you have a written contract? Have you submitted any invoicing for your work to date? Does doing this work on scuba violate any local government statutes or guidelines? What is the contractors name and base of operations?
Steve, I'm so sorry you've been lumbered with this, is it worth fighting? Can you re-coup your expences?


You DID Not have a written agreement before starting.

You gave the company free{no cost to them] estimates, engineering services and sourcing.


If You have the resources, seek Legal Counsel to recover Your cost for the work preformed, an "Estoppel Attorney".

Estoppel Definition

An expensive lesson either way.


Ace the job the seattle co. scooped was in Africa.
Sorry to hear this. A man's word is never enough and your case is proof of that. That's why our office has engineers to do the paperwork and us divers to do the job. It p***** me off tho. Here is a guy who flies solo with the best interest in doing a good job and gets f***ed over by a bunch of suits. If they wanna hire habibis to do the job fine... I'd be the first standing there laughing when the s*** hits the fan.
Thank you all for your comments as you can imagine I was quite shocked, and it was like a delayed reaction, it took two days before the realisation and then I got really angry about it.
but hay I have got it together now sort of.
mike wood you hit the nail on the head with your statement of the talking string you must have met them as this is almost word for word as it was explained to me.

My wife agreed with you all, and keeps telling me your word and a hand shake is a done deal for me, but the world has changed.

So from now on I will cut down another tree and we will have it on paper.

cheers again
i was told not need for any of that which worked for for me.
the worste thing is the guys i have let down having got their hopes up.
its the pits, it realy is.
so guys what do you all think about this for a reply


For your information, we are still in the process of arranging divers from Dubai, using your equipment as per below quotation. I know that there is not much time left, but for now, I can only say that we accept your below offer, provided that the divers from Dubai will carry out the works. We are pushing them and will let you know immediately when we receive their confirmation.

Did You NOT Learn Anything from before?

"F*** me Once shame on You, F*** me twice Shame on me!" {You will have no one to blame but Yourself]

Have a written agreement before starting, written with an Attorney that represents Your interest!!


Is Anything that I have written not Understood?

I find what you have written to be offensive to say the very least rude.

also we are not in the US were what you are talking about started.

While upset about the original set too, its now a month and I will live, to fight another day, as I have, and will continue to do so.
The post was put here for, the up and coming who are more to your way of thinking, which from the on set was obviously not my way, and never will be.
Maybe it is you who does not read what is laid before them in the full.

The employment of legalised criminals is not my way.
we are not talking millions here we are talking a few quid by comparison

My word and hand shake for the last 30yrs was good enough, if its no longer good enough maybe I should get out the kitchen.

But I will say one last thing on this, these guys and all those like them will get their own, its just a matter of time, some times its a long long time, how why I don’t know but they always do.
Hey Steve

I'd go for it dude. You can still earn some money and all your prep work wouldn't go down the drain for nothing. I don't know... but taking a lawyer or somebody who knows the papertrail wouldn't be a bad start. You can always ask for an advance payment. Let's say as a sign of trust. You probably insured your equiptment? I'm just thinking loud. Correct me if I'm wrong.
this sounds about right.
but the paper trail guy they would not let in the office after this that i do know .
so yes a deposite would be good way to go.
and i here this morning that the talking string divers seem to be having a problem getting here.
OH dear me what a shame with less than a week to go before start.
one other thing the seabed is still not finished due to bad weather.

i do not know whether to laugh or cry but you guy's can only imagine my reaction MMM!!!


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