Whats goin on with the job page its not opening.

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there is no function for the page so I think it died a slow death, just like the rest of us! I wish if it open it is full of work for us all!!

No wonder when it was first started it had promise seemly then someone got a bright idea and changed the format and put a fee charge on it-go figure.

I am a diver out of California any body no of any work going on. 

If you really need a job look at yacht hull scrubbing at least your wet and making a income-it beats sitting around with no income.What part of California are you in ? Good luck.
Im from Orange county I have been working lots of inland work from power plants harbor work in land lake projects but right now there is nothing.  Hoping somthing opens up here soon.
Yep thats what the marinas are for especially this time of the year when no one wants to get cold. Newport Beach, Dana, Long Beach and even my ol starting place Marina Del Rey. I think there was or is 6,000 boats there.
I would not pay much mind to the jobs on C-DIVER. Not much going on right now. I would do a search on line for companies and then call and ask if they are hiring. I know CW and JJ diving are always hiring give them a call
i just got hired on with oceaneering and a lot of guys i went to school with have gotten jobs, like barone siad, jj diving, semar, cdive,caldive, global,tt marine,gg marine,legacy, ids, have all recently hired guys i went to school with, just go to louisiana, start in new orleans and work west, if u are not  a sc**bag u should have no problem finding a job. best of luck
What going divers scence this web pages job section is not coming up or is down does any body no of any other diver job boards.
ya it's jusrt been a blank page for along time
just about like the job market  "yes we can !"
That made my coffee almost go down the wrong pipe lol that was good ACE bruddah


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