Hi ive been a Qualified Commercial Diver since beginning 2010, ive been applying for a lot of jobs and always get the reply of you don’t have enough experience!! We ( Rookie Divers )need to start some where, All of the Divers here on this site and over the world where in the exactly the same Spot. All of the experience Divers where rookie divers in the Beginning.


My Question is…  Where’s that point where our rookie divers will get a chance to get experience and to Prove our self’s?

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So how many deep gas dives you have. Oh how many SAT dives do you have?  I have heard a lot s*** come out of your mouth. I bet you even think inland diving is harder then off shore. You say you have worked off shore ya what company and for how long were you off shore? I have worked off shore and inland diving for years and you are right there are some p**** off shore divers but don't think for one sec that all off shore diver are Prima Donna because you just meet a hard core motherf***er. I started diving off shore and went inland and all's I found was a lot of you f**a's are dangers to be around, and company owners that were scuba diver and never even went to commercial dive school just paid money to get there ADC card. Oh and diving in water tanks wow that's hard kid or for that much diving in lakes no that is real hard lol. You come talk to me when you spend a h*** winter diving the GULF OF MEXICO or NORTH SEA and doing pipe line tie in's or scrapping rig's were you are burning for day's. Oh ya go get a job with GLOBAL, CAL DIVE ,OCEANEERING and then talk your s***, because diving in tanks lakes or even bay's is not real diving to a off shore guy it is just work that's all.
What ? Cant get a TWIC card? Why? are you a social  or national  security risk? Why, Why, Why cant you get a TWIC card? 
Have to be patience....................... keep the faith......................
you should not be on this web site you are a SCUBA diver taking work from real divers who went to school and have been threw hell and high water working in the field. PADI is not a commercial dive school nor should you be diving commercial jobs with f***ing SCUBA! You are going to get your self killed and then what another mark on real diver who have been trained and know what it is to be a safe diver
dennis,this is my advice to you.apply at every company there is.even take a job as a shop hand if nothin else,but dont give up.I know how you feel as a tender.10 yrs ago i could not wait to be broke out as a diver so i could finally brag about being one.when i finally was i realized i was being naive and selfish.as a diver you have more responsibility toward your "Deck brothers",and your bell partners than you do yourself.when one of your brothers is in the water,nothing comes before their safe return to the surface.when your agonizing in the heat or cold on the back deck bustin your f***in ass til u think youare gonna puke,go ahead and puke,just make sure your johnny on the spot with anything that surfaces as necessary to the safe and professionally execution of whatever needs the job calls for.in other words,be willing to eat your own guts and ask for more,and you will be recognized as an individual worth havin on the boat.because dennis,its not just that most men Dont do what we do,its that most men Cant do what we do.thats puts us above the rest.and with this power comes responsibility.not to the company man,or the operations manager,or the dive superintendent,or anyone else but the brothers you work with.and you dont have to like them.you just might have to bleed for them when you put yourself in harms way for them 


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