Hi ive been a Qualified Commercial Diver since beginning 2010, ive been applying for a lot of jobs and always get the reply of you don’t have enough experience!! We ( Rookie Divers )need to start some where, All of the Divers here on this site and over the world where in the exactly the same Spot. All of the experience Divers where rookie divers in the Beginning.


My Question is…  Where’s that point where our rookie divers will get a chance to get experience and to Prove our self’s?

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Well here is the fun news and part of what everyone has been telling the new guys on this site. Finding work as a new guy isnt easy. The only thing you can do is keep pounding the pavement and pick up what you can when you can even if its just a one day job. Hopfully you impress them enough that they call you back one day. 1 word of advice, dont go planning on getting yourself into any serious debt for the next little while. One month when I was starting out I worked 4 days, it was just enough to cover rent and groceries for the month plus phone and internet bill. Remeber 9 out of 10 people dont end up washing out of diving for nothing. Enjoy!
@ Will Finding work part is so true, I tell most of the People asking me was the training and Exams hard? I say the “training isn’t that easy but the hardest part is to get a Job”.
One thing ive heard and remember are the “Getting into dept thing “that I’ve drilled into my head , safe for the time in need. Thank for the Reply.
dousnt get much easier to find work after you have 2 years experiance trust me
In the GOM it is called not rookie diver but Tender. Where are you trying to work?
John Carl, Thank you for the tip, Work wise let me tell you at this moment any where The most important thing is I want to get experience build my self to the bets that I can and to be the best….
Two years isn't much. Work on getting some more training if you can't find a job. You need to give the company a reason to pick you over all the others. It's always good to have some medical credentials. Welding certifications. NDT training. Engineering/Drafting. We're becoming more and more dependent on computers.

Not saying this is you, but I find a lot of newbies thinking that their training was completed after they left diving school. That's lazy thinking.
James, true words about the training part I spoke to a Wise man once, we the tenders and Divers called him Dad ( Ross ) he told me… Dennis you need to make your self more “ Marketable” so im planning to “invest” in my self , I got a few extra courses in mind that I want to do example Rigging…. But I need a job first the get the cash for that.
Ive applied to companies everywhere and I still cant find a job ... I have engineering and drafting background, a background in NDT, and a backgorund in welding, and I still cant seem to find a job do you guys have any pointers for me maybe. Ive been looking for awhile I'm applying as a tender to every company as well.
Not this year. I should be in AZ with my parents and son, they don't get to see him much. I'm going your way next week! I'll buy the first round! Know any good hotels in Panama City?
That's cool! I'll be traveling this weekend. 'in class Dec. 6,7,8 at Divelab.
Dennis who ever told you that your a qualified commercial diver mislead you. Your on the path to becoming a qualified commercial diver but till then consider yourself a qualified DIVERS APPRENTICE TENDER who knows how to dive with what 2 years experience.
I understand your frustration in most trades it takes 4 to 5 years before you are considered a journeyman. If your not in this foir the long haul quit now it is not a easy road to follow. Good luck.
Ace, Me Quitting? No Chance … Yeah most of the Jobs available they state 3 – 5 Years min Experience, and you see that’s where my Question came in “ Where will us Tenders get the start to get experience?.


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